Application for Membership:  Donor (Non-vetted) Members

$75 Limited Voting Membership

Mail to WR3A,  c/o Good Point Recycling, PO 1010, Middlebury,  VT  05753

Donor (Limited Voting) Membership $75 per year


This is for WR3A members who may not consider themselves experts in Fair Trade Exports, who want to find service providers or expertise through WR3A, or who want to learn more about the goals and standards of WR3A before applying for Vetted Membership.

1)       Applicant Contact Information       General WR3A Membership














Web address:



2)  Please describe your organization:

 o      Corporate, university, government surplus property, or other institutional supplier

 o      Government (municipal, county, state, etc) or commercial (hauler, collector) residential material supplier

 o      Policy or research (Non-profit, OEM, regulatory agency, NGO)

 o      Individual

 o      Other (describe) __________________________________________________________________

 3)  How many units per month do you currently collect or supply for recycling?



          Other units:                                                                          

4)   Are you interested in working as a volunteer or board member?  ________

WARNING:  Do not make false statements on this application.   Do not apply if your website makes false claims (EG ?We are certified by the EPA?)  Do not provide false information about CRT glass processing, acceptance of unrepairable scrap, etc.   False statements made in this application or published on your website will be grounds for immediate termination of membership, and you will be solely responsible for any bad publicity that entails.