E-Certification Program

The World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association has created this tool to help conscientious recyclers find a good home for their used electronics.

The WR3A's E-Certification program generates a list of recyclers (who have stored information on the program) based upon the e-Waste generator's specific needs.

WR3A is inviting other trade associations to comment and play an "open source" role in defining the certification program.  This will allow the program to outlive the standards of a given period, or to revisit a company listing if the management changes, or if the company or its end market is relocated to another country.

This program will allow the user to specify other preferences (for example, many generators refuse to have their computers recycled by prison labor, since that undermines private recyclers and cannot provide assurances required by some performance bonds).

If your state does not have an official contract, or you wish to issue your own RFP, WR3A can provide templates for you to use to procure services.  The RFP WR3A issues will be appropriate for the amount of material or the value of the contract you are offering.  (Requiring the most reputable companies to fill out 40 pages of paperwork to recycle a half ton of material may bog down the system and lead to unintended consequences. Issuing a major, ongoing county contract based on price alone will not only fail to guarantee how the material is traded, but it will undermine companies who have gone to the trouble to meet more stringent contract requirements).