FilmKeynote Address Presentation at CES 2009, Youtube, and 
ToursTours and film of Reuse Factories in Asia, Africa, and Latin America
DocumentationVerified Sales of over 100,000 computers in 2008, quantified new demand, and developed databases to verify reuse under EPA export for reuse rules.
ConferencesSponsored successful conferences with Recycling Today (2009 in Atlanta)  WR3A Members get discounts!
ExpertiseSource for research by national news and research outlet such as NIH, CBS News, BusinessWeek, Recycling Today, National Geographic, and GAO
ConsultingConsultant for RFPs and Contacts by municipalities and institutions to audit and enforce proper recycling standards.  Assisted EPA consultants in documenting overseas demand for used CRT monitors.
InternshipsOur paid interns created a new "e-certification" program, using Web 3.0 to solve "toxics along for the ride" . Learn more about the e-certification here.
VerificationA new online program can 'vet' companies and document key indicators of proper recycling measures.  This was adapted through a grant from University of Massachusetts Amherst
RulesParticipated with other EPA stakeholders in defining R2 principles for best practices in the industry.  Our new articles also give more voting power to "vetted members", allowing them to keep new memberships from diluting our export standards. 
CommunitySponsored visits from Burkina Faso, UN GAID, Malaysia, Peru, Mexico, Senegal, Lithuania, Cameroon, Egypt...   Face to face negotiations lead to friendship and progress.   WR3A is seeking 20,000 working computers for the UNGAID by 2010   Contact us for details.