Overseas Reseller Memberships

WR3A is registered as a non-profit trade association with the Vermont Secretary of State.  Our Board of Directors and corporate bylaws are available here.  We are a new organization, with a "start up" set of by-laws, but will be welcoming members to vote, participate, and develop the organization as we grow.

Overseas Resellers: This category of membership is intended for organizations in either OECD or less developed countries which would like to import legal and repairable items such as computer monitors overseas for reuse and refurbishment. These companies must agree to meet minimum standards, set by default in the by-laws. As the organization grows, we expect these standards to grow more sophisticated.

W R 3 A Application for Membership: Overseas Reseller

City & Country

Mail to WR3A,  c/o Good Point Recycling, PO 1010, Middlebury,  VT  05753
Membership $1 per item purchase through WR3A

1) Applicant Contact Information:    Overseas Resellers who intend to buy from WR3A Members

Signature: Name:
Organization: Phone:
Address: State:
Web Address: Email:

1) Which types of product do you handle?

   o We purchase surplus/IT equipment for resale, donation, or refurbishment (high reuse value)
   o We purchase clean, processed, sorted scrap (usually prepared in bales)
   o Other (describe) _________________________________________________________________________________

3) How many units per month do you wish to purchase through the WR3A?

      Monitors: ___________________________________________________________________________________

      Processed scrap: ___________________________________________________________________________

      Wholesale (mixed or unprocessed) outsourcing: ________________________________________________________________

4) What are your minimum specifications for monitors?

      Tested Working (size, date range, cosmetic): ____________________________________________________________

      Tested Repairable (size, date range, cosmetic): _________________________________________________________

      Excluded items (screen burn, phosphor damage, glass damage, missing bases, yellow plastic, etc.): _______________

5) Do you require a packing list with inventory and tracking of individual units? ______________

6) Are you willing to have your site inspected if requested by the WR3A exporter? ______________

7) Are you willing to allow 3rd Party dispute resolution if there are questions regarding loads? ___________

8) Please attach a sample Purchase Order.

WARNING:  Do not make false statements on this application.   Do not apply if your website makes false claims (EG “We are certified by the EPA”)  Do not provide false information about CRT glass processing, acceptance of unrepairable scrap, etc.   False statements made in this application or published on your website will be grounds for immediate termination of membership, and you will be solely responsible for any bad publicity that entails.