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The World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association is a recognized authority and source on e-scrap, computer donations, and e-waste.

Mexican TV 'Take Back' Program  March 2009      European press reports on WR3A member's plan to recycle one old CRT for every repair-and-resale.

Member Spotlight - Las Chicas Bravas  January 2009      Meet the women's coop which has opened a TV and printer recycling and refurbishing operation in Sonora Mexico.

CES 2009 WR3A Keynote Film January 2009      Trailer from 135 video clips taken in the USA and nine other countries, sponsored by CEA and Flip Camera.

CBS News 60 Minutes - The Wasteland      WR3A was consulted for more than 2 hours to help CBS avoid catching legitimate and legal recyclers in their net.

BusinessWeek October 2008    WR3A Members gave over two hours of interviews to help reporters vet which markets were legitimate

Popular Mechanics - Recycle Your TV Now August 2008     WR3A insights into the reuse business for TVs

Electronics Waste Management in the USA Report - EPA  July 2008     WR3A consulting is recognized in EPA's 2008 Electronics Export Study

National Geographic January 2008    WR3A arranged photos of legitimate operations at member sites in Malaysia, Texas and Florida

Draft Consulting Report - EPA  July 2008     WR3A Advice is recognized in EPA's 2008 Electronics Export Study

Recycling To Africa June 2007     Spotlight by Responsible World Citizen

WR3A Offers SB20 Advice Recycling Today June 2006     WR3A Pleads with California to stop burning money and breaking good computers

NIH Environmental Health Perspectives April 2006    WR3A and BAN are both interviewed about the potential for "Fair Trade" in electronics exports to Africa

Talking E-Trash Time/CNN May 2006   Published WR3A advice on finding a reputable recycler

WSJ Mercury Rules.. End up Polluting April 2006     How mercury recovered from recycling should not be exported to gold mining...

Recycling Export Reform Group Reports on Asia Site Visits, New Memberships  July 2005

Recycling Today:  WR3A Tour of Asia June 21, 2005

Where do Old Monitors Go after the Curb?  April 28, 2005

Entrepreneur Magazine - Investigating Reuse Markets Jan 2005

Export Reform Group Overwhelmed with Orders, February 25, 2005
UC Davis' Recycling King-Pin, February 24, 2005

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