If you want to be knowledgeable about "e-scrap" and "e-waste", here are some of WR3A's recommended links is an organization that takes a "hard line" against exportation of used electronics.  They get most of the credit for bringing attention to worst practices in our industry.

Basel Convention is a treaty that attempts to define what is allowed as an export for reuse or recycling, and what is dumping (Link to Singapore NEA website, Annex IX)  Annex 9 specifically allows export for repair, but restricts "major refurbishment" without defining either.

Malaysia Electronics Recycling Association (MERA) was established a sister organization to WR3A.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is a UN body that makes recommendations for sustainable practices.   For example, in countries which manufacture lead acid batteries, they compare the cost of mining lead to the environmental cost of importing and recycling the batteries.   Here is a Sample paper on standards for lead acid battery recycling and lifecycle analysis

United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development is a UN-based organization which seeks to improve internet access and improve social development.

The Institute for Scrap Recycling Industries is a trade organization that represents hundreds of scrap recycling businesses in dozens of industries.  ISRI took over IAER in 2008.

Recycle.Net is an online trade exchange which runs on very simple software platform in order to be accessible to buyers in countries which do not take bandwidth for granted.

The National Electronics Service Dealers Association (NESDA) is a trade association representing electronics repair technicians across the US.  They run NESDAnet, which allows repair and service dealers to trade parts and knowledge.

Sam Wasserman ("Silcon Sam") has been repairing electronics for years, and has placed on-line perhaps the most definitive FAQ-based encyclopedia of common repairs and diagnoses for faulty electronics.

The Rochester Institute of Technology has the Golisano Institute for Sustainability which seriously investigates appropriate reuse and remanufacturing practices worldwide.

The Product Stewardship Institute in Boston is a national non-profit which promotes responsibilities (and corresponding rights) of manufacturers for the products they sell.  The Product Stewardship Council is a similar organization.

Fair Trade Recycling is a Facebook page set up by WR3A to encourage dialogue.  Any opinion is welcome. is a non-profit that promotes alternative dispute resolution between activists and non-profits. 

Here is a chart that explains part of the demand for used computers internationally


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